Here you can see the list of services that MatchKraft offers.

Google Maps Scraping Service

Streamline your data collection with our Google Maps Scraping Service. Effortlessly extract valuable information from Google Maps to empower your business with accurate location data.
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B2B Lead Generation

Elevate your business growth with our B2B Lead Generation Service. We provide targeted and high-quality leads, helping you expand your customer base and boost revenue effectively.
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Data Mining and Web Scraping

Unlock valuable insights with our Data Mining and Web Scraping Service. Harness the power of data by efficiently extracting and analyzing information from the web, enabling data-driven decisions and business optimization.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free samples of the service?
Certainly, we provide a no-cost sample for every service. This allows you to confidently assess both the quality of our work and the value we deliver.
Where can I find your services, and how are payments and service management handled?
We are on Fiverr, a renowned service platform that handles payments and service management.