Fuzzy Matching Algorithms

We offer many fuzzy matching and clustering algorithms in the cloud.

Friendly User Interface

Intuitive user inerface to execute your fuzzy matching and clustering tasks.

Unprecedented Accuracy

MatchKraft is constantly updating its algorithm to offer the best matching accuracy on the market.
Clean Similar Text

Cluster text strings based on similarity

Matchkraft offers a in house algorith to cluster strings based on their text similarity. Input your raw text and the fuzzyness level to start the clustering algorithm.
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Fuzzy Match In Two Lists

Consolidate Two Sources

With MatchKraft, you can fuzzy match company names across two data sources. The final result is a mapping between the first source and second source. Use our algorithm to get exact and similar company name matches. One record may point towards multiple company names.
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Download Company UK Data

Submit a list of companies and retrieve company data from the UK Companies House database in bulk. No API Key is needed.
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Your Data Stays Your Own

We will not publish, copy, or share your data or personal information with anyone else. The only way we'll use your data uploads is use them to improve our automatic algorithm, giving you ever improving results. For more information regarding security or privacy, check our trust platform.
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App Tour

In the following tutorial, we explain how to use MatchKraft.

Use Cases

Lead To Account Matching

Lead to account matching is needed to assign leads or contacts to the correct account. Simple use the fuzzy matching in two lists to match leads to company names. Use the company domain found on the lead's email address to perform the matching process. For example, the contact with the email address "maria@hp.com" will be matched to the name "HP Inc".

Data Visualization

Sometimes company data is not suitable for visualization or reporting purposes due to several discrepancies such as misspellings or inconsistent names. With MatchKraft, standardize company data using our fuzzy matching algorithms. Preprocess your company names before ingesting them to any business intelligence tool.


API Integration

You can use the API Rest service to execute the fuzzy match algorithm and retrieve results.
API Documentation

Python Client

Use the official MatchKraft Python Client to execute the MatchKraft software on Python.
Python Client

Google Sheets

Execute MatchKraft fuzzy matching algorithm directly from Google Sheets.
Google Sheets

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Simple and Transparent Pricing

No recurring payments or subscriptions, only 1-time fee. The Payment method is PAYPAL. All prices are in US dollars.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MatchKraft offer a free tier?
Yes, users can download up to 200 records per job. However, if you need more fuzzy matches, please consider buying the job. We also offer free products.
Why do I need fuzzy matching?
Company names may vary from one database to another. Fuzzy matching consolidates data from different sources using advanced algorithms.
Can I see all the fuzzy matches before buying a job?
Yes, you can see all the fuzzy matches when you click the preview button. However, you can download only 200 records (free tier). If you like the results, you can purchase the job to download all the records in Excel.
I am facing some issues, how can I contact you?
We provide great customer support. You can get in touch with us on the email at info@matchkraft.com
How secure is my data?
MatchKraft takes privacy seriously, really. MatchKraft doesn't sell your data. Sensitive personal data is encrypted in our server. Read the boring stuff here: Privacy Policy.
Is the payment process secure?
Yes, we use Paypal to perform online payments.

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