Join Two Company Names Databases

Fuzzy Match Company Names

Fuzzy matching of company names is a technique used to match two strings of text that are not an exact match. This technique is particularly useful when merging two databases that contain similar but not identical company names. Fuzzy matching improves data quality, saves time, is cost-effective, and increases efficiency. By utilizing fuzzy matching techniques, companies can ensure that their data is accurate, reliable, and consolidated efficiently.
Our Algorithm

Fuzzy Match Intelligent Algorithm

Our algorithm works by comparing each company name in a database to every other name in a different database. It then assigns a score to each pair of company names based on the degree of similarity between them. The algorithm considers factors such as spelling variations, punctuation, and word order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the fuzzy match company names service?
To join two databases by the company name field.
What are the inputs of the fuzzy match company names service?
The input is two lists of company names.
What are the outputs of the fuzzy match company names service?
The output is a mapping between the two input lists.