Welcome to our tutorial on how to optimize your Apollo experience by bypassing email credit limits and saving valuable resources. Apollo is a powerful tool for generating leads, but its credit system can sometimes be restrictive. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to efficiently extract email leads from Apollo while minimizing credit usage. By following these methods, you can maximize your access to potential leads without overspending on credits.

Tools Required

Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s ensure you have the necessary tools:

  • Apollo URL with all the filters applied
  • An active Apollo paid account
  • Apollo Discovery Tool
  • Apollo Scraper Tool


Tutorial Overview

This tutorial is divided into three main parts to streamline the process of obtaining leads from Apollo while conserving credits:

Part 1: Generating Email Permutations

In this initial phase, we’ll utilize the Apollo Discovery Tool in conjunction with our paid Apollo account to create email permutations. This process involves scanning through various pages to generate potential email combinations that are likely to be valid.

Part 2: Importing Permutations into Apollo

Once we’ve generated the email permutations, we’ll import them back into Apollo. This step requires clicking the import button, selecting the CSV file containing the permutations, and configuring import settings. Importing these leads back into Apollo will not incur additional export credit charges.

Part 3: Scraping Remaining Emails

After importing the initial leads, we’ll wait for Apollo to populate the remaining leads in the “net new” tab. These are the leads not covered by our initial permutations. We’ll save these remaining leads in a separate list and scrape them to complete our dataset.

You can get our tools in the following page:


By following these steps, you can effectively bypass email credit limitations in Apollo and obtain a comprehensive dataset of potential leads. This method allows you to maximize the utility of your Apollo account while minimizing credit expenditure. Saving money and optimizing lead generation processes is crucial in today’s competitive business landscape. Subscribe to our channel for more Apollo tips and tricks to enhance your lead generation strategies.

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