In the digital age, the success of any business often hinges on its ability to harness the power of data. For professionals in the home services industry, platforms like HomeAdvisor serve as invaluable resources for connecting with potential clients. However, manually extracting data from HomeAdvisor listings can be time-consuming and inefficient. That’s where our innovative HomeAdvisor Lead Scraper Chrome Extension comes in, revolutionizing the way you gather leads and empowering you to maximize your lead generation efforts.

Effortless Data Extraction

Gone are the days of painstakingly collecting data from HomeAdvisor listings one by one. With our Chrome extension, the process is streamlined and effortless. Simply input a list of HomeAdvisor URLs, and watch as our tool swiftly gathers crucial details such as:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Services
  • Expertise
  • Review Count
  • Rating Value
  • URL

In just a few clicks, you’ll have a wealth of valuable data at your fingertips, ready to fuel your lead generation efforts.

Streamlined Workflow

Our user-friendly interface makes the lead generation process as simple and straightforward as possible. Say goodbye to complicated data entry and hello to a streamlined workflow that saves you time and effort. With intuitive features and seamless navigation, our Chrome extension empowers you to gather valuable leads with ease, enabling you to focus your energy on what truly matters – growing your business.

Versatile Application

Whether you’re a contractor looking to expand your client base, a homeowner in need of reliable service providers, or an industry professional seeking comprehensive insights, HomeAdvisor Lead Scraper Chrome Extension has you covered. Our versatile tool caters to professionals across the home services spectrum, providing the data you need to make informed decisions and forge meaningful connections with potential clients.

Downloa our HomeAdvisor Leads Scraper

There are two options available: the demo version and the full version. You’re welcome to download the demo version to explore all the capabilities of our scraper. You can find the download page for both versions on Gumroad.


Don’t let valuable leads slip through the cracks. Install HomeAdvisor Leads Scraper Chrome Extension today and take your lead generation efforts to the next level. With effortless data extraction, customizable scraping options, a streamlined workflow, versatile application, and top-notch security, our innovative tool empowers you to maximize your lead generation efficiency and unlock the full potential of HomeAdvisor data extraction. Don’t wait – revolutionize your lead generation process today and watch your business soar! For more scrapers, take a look to our tools.

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