This article presents the primary tools aimed at rapidly converting a company name to a domain. Changing company names to domains is hard and takes a lot of time. But online, there are many tools that can make this job faster.

We’ll delve into the pros and cons of each tool and discuss their pricing structures in detail.


MarcomRobot is a robust platform offering a suite of tools tailored for marketers and businesses to ease the process of finding suitable domain names. With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms, MarcomRobot simplifies the domain search process, providing extensive options that align with the desired brand identity. Its intelligent domain suggestion feature and availability checks streamline the otherwise arduous task of securing the ideal domain name.


  • User-friendly interface and intuitive tools for marketers and businesses.
  • Advanced algorithms that simplify the domain search process.
  • Intelligent domain suggestion feature and availability checks for ease of use.


  • Some advanced features might require higher subscription tiers.
  • Limited free features compared to other tools.
  • 5 FREE credits per month

Clearbit’s Company Name to Domain API


Clearbit’s Company Name to Domain API is a powerhouse in the domain search arena. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and data enrichment capabilities, this API assists in mapping a company’s name to its corresponding domain. By providing accurate and real-time domain information, Clearbit’s API becomes an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and marketing strategies.


  • Free tool.
  • Accurate Data Retrieval


  • No user interface to call the API
  • Multiple outputs, not a unique output (company domain)


CUFINER emerges as a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to bridge the gap between their brand identity and the perfect domain name. Its intelligent search mechanisms and domain availability checks simplify the domain acquisition process. CUFINER’s intuitive interface and domain name suggestion feature empower users to explore a wide range of options, ensuring a seamless fit between the brand and the domain name.


  • They claim a 99% accuracy.
  • Excellent User Interface


  • Too expensive
  • Only 15 domains per month


With PhantomBoster you can find web domains from a list of business or company names.

PhantomBoster steps into the domain search arena with a focus on efficiency and accuracy. This tool streamlines the process of finding available domains related to specific company names, offering real-time suggestions and availability checks. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive database, PhantomBoster aids in the swift acquisition of domain names aligned with the brand’s essence.


  • High accuracy and excellent user interface.
  • Ability to combine the output with other tools (phantoms) and get even more information like emails.
  • Free trial looks good because you can see up to 1000 domains.


  • Looks really expensive.


LXRMarketplace is a versatile platform offering a myriad of marketing tools, including a robust domain name search feature. Leveraging its expertise in the marketing domain, LXRMarketplace simplifies the process of finding domain names that resonate with the company’s identity. With its rich database and smart algorithms, LXRMarketplace becomes a go-to solution for businesses seeking a perfect digital match for their brand.


  • Very Fast.
  • User Interface simple and clean
  • You can test it without registration
  • Very Accurate .
  • 50 free credits
  • Not too expensive


  • Still starter plan is limited to 500 searches
  • Low coverage rage (Recall)



Experience the streamlined efficiency of Matchkraft for rapid ‘Company Name to URL’ conversions. Our service seamlessly transforms company names into their corresponding website domains, ensuring accurate and real-time processing. With Matchkraft, simply upload a list of company names, and within seconds, obtain their respective URLs. Benefit from the precision and timeliness of our system, enabling swift access to vital domain information essential for your marketing, sales, or data enrichment needs.



  • Up to 1000 company domains FREE
  • User Interface simple and clean
  • Unlimited Plan
  • High Accuracy


  • Not able to upload a csv file, you need to copy paste the company names directly to the application
  • Medium Recall Rate


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