Apollo Scraper Tool

Bypass Apollo Limits

Features of Apollo IO:

  • Bypass the export limit in Apollo IO
  • Transfer leads to the saved tab automatically. Don’t waste your time.
  • Scrape lead name, email, company webpage and more.
Automate Saving Leads

Speed up Apollo Data Extraction

Don't worry about the boring job of saving leads one by one in Apollo. With our Apollo scraper tool, it saves leads for you automatically. So, you can just sit back and relax while our tool does all the hard work.Besides, you can simultaneously conduct the scraping process while using your computer for other tasks.

Purchase our Apollo Scraper Lifetime Deal

Here you can see the link to our Gumroad webpage where you can purchase our extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the scraper tool compatible with the free account?
Yes, you can use the free account.
How many emails can I get from Apollo?
Apollo provides 10,000 free email credits per month. Nonetheless, extracting this data may require several hours. With our extension, this process becomes significantly simplified. Additionally, you can bypass export credits.
Is this superior to the instant data scraper tool?
Yes, it is superior because of its improved user interface. Furthermore, our tool is specifically tailored for use with Apollo. Additionally, you have the capability to automate the saving process.
Can I bypass apollo email credits?
This tool can bypass export credits. However, to bypass email credits, you would need another tool called Apollo Discovery from MatchKraft.
Where can I purchase the apollo scraper?
You can get the apollo scraper tool here: https://matchkraft.gumroad.com/l/apolloleadscraper

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