Apollo lead scraper tool

Are you feeling restricted by the limitations of Apollo, but hesitant to pay their high fees? Look no further! Our groundbreaking Apollo Lead Scraper tool is here to simplify your life. Our Chrome extension is designed to automate the manual work on Apollo, allowing you to scrape an unlimited number of leads hassle-free. No more tedious clicking and copying data to Excel!


Download our Tool:

Key Features:

  • Bypass Export Limits Effortlessly: Say goodbye to Apollo IO’s export limit barriers with our innovative Chrome extension. No more restrictions, no more bottlenecks.
  • Time-Saving Automation: Automate clicks on the ‘access email’ button and save precious time. Focus on closing deals while our tool handles the manual work for you.
  • Streamlined Lead Extraction: Extract lead details like names, emails, company web pages, and more seamlessly. Empower your outreach and prospecting efforts effortlessly.


How it works:

  1. Download & Unzip: Receive a zip file, download, and extract it to your computer for access to the extension’s files.
  2. Run the Extension: Access the Chrome extension by selecting the extensions icon, enabling “Developer Mode,” and loading the unpacked file in your Chrome window.
  3. Effortless Lead Scraping: Navigate to Apollo, set filters, go to the Saved tab, and initiate the Apollo Lead Scraper extension. Specify pages to scrape, click “Start,” and wait for the process to complete. Simplify lead extraction with ease.


See the Apollo Scraper in Action:


Customer Support:

  • Dedicated Customer Support: Our extension evolves with any changes in Apollo’s interface. Our committed team ensures a smooth user experience by promptly resolving any issues.
  • Resourceful Assistance and Learning: Reach out to our team at info@matchkraft.com for any queries or feedback. Explore visual guides and updates on our YouTube channel. Also, upon installation, access our Chrome extension and a comprehensive documentation PDF with tips and tricks.


Unlock the Full Potential of Apollo IO:

Don’t let limitations hinder your lead generation. Embrace the Apollo Lead Scraper to streamline your lead extraction effortlessly. Bid farewell to manual data extraction and welcome an efficient, automated process to enhance your business outreach and growth strategies. Get your hands on this revolutionary Chrome extension today and witness a paradigm shift in your lead generation capabilities.

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