Get Valid B2B Emails

Scrape Emails From Product Hunt

Introducing our Product Hunt Email Extractor tool! Easily retrieve email addresses from Product Hunt product links. Simplify networking and outreach for creators, partners, and business opportunities. Say goodbye to manual searches and hello to streamlined connections.
Use Cases

Discover How Our Tool Can Transform Your Product Hunt Experience

  • Cold Email Campaigns: Reach out to product creators for collaboration, partnerships, or feedback.
  • Product Promotion: Promote your own products or services to relevant Product Hunt listings.
  • Networking: Expand your professional network within the Product Hunt community.
  • Upvotes and Support: Seek upvotes and support for your product launch on Product Hunt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the Product Hunt Email Finder service?
To obtain valid B2B emails from Product Hunt makers.
What are the inputs of the Product Hunt Email Finder service?
The input is a list of Product Hunt Links. Links should be in this format:
What are the outputs of the Product Hunt Email Finder service?
The output is a list of valid B2B emails, as well as, the company name.