Greetings! In this post, we will lead you through a systematic journey to find emails from LinkedIn.

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that we will employ two essential tools for this task:

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  2. Chat GPT (optional)
  3. Matchkraft Tool (Specifically, the Company Name to URL Tool and the Email Finder Tool)

The input for this process includes:

  • Industry/niche
  • Location
  • Any other filters available in Sales Navigator

The desired output is:

A compiled list of leads’ emails.

Our objective is to find emails from LinkedIn and engage with these leads through email marketing.

How many emails can you anticipate extracting using this method? You can easily download between 100 and 1000 emails using this technique, even with a free Matchkraft subscription.

Now, let’s get started. The process is quite straightforward, and we’ll even provide a video tutorial to ensure you have no difficulties following along.

Step 1: Access Sales Navigator and Create a New Company List

Begin by going to Sales Navigator at Once there, navigate to the account filters and apply the filters to search for your desired companies.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will focus on the following filters:

  • Keyword: Lead Generation
  • Location: USA
  • Company Size: 10-200 employees
  • Industry: Marketing Services

After applying these filters, you will see the list of companies on the right-hand side, as illustrated in the image below.

Now, you can proceed to save these accounts to your account list. It’s a straightforward process – simply click the “Save to List” button. Once saved, you can visualize them as depicted in the following image.


Step 2: Export the List to a CSV File and Refine the Data

Now, it’s time to transfer, at the very least, the company name and lead names into a CSV file. This can be done manually. Below is a screenshot showcasing the unprocessed data obtained from the account list:

As evident from the raw data, we must calculate the following fields:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Company Website

To determine the first name and last name, we can utilize Chat GPT. Refer to the screenshot below to observe the prompt.

Furthermore, within this process, it is essential to perform data cleansing tasks. This includes actions such as eliminating icons within lead names and removing accounts that lack leads, among other necessary refinements.

To obtain the company website, you can employ the Company Name to URL tool provided by Matchkraft. This tool is quite straightforward to utilize—simply copy and paste the company names into the tool and initiate the search algorithm. With the free version, you can access up to 100 websites at no cost. The screenshot below illustrates the ultimate output after completing the data cleanup procedures.

Step 3: Find emails from LinkedIn with MatchKraft

The last step involves acquiring email addresses using the Email Finder tool within MatchKraft. This tool requires input in the form of first names, last names, and company websites. Once you input this data in CSV format, you can retrieve the email addresses that the algorithm has identified.

Ultimately, you can export the outcomes in Excel format. In the image below, you can observe that the algorithm has identified 9 emails out of the provided input, which consists of 19 rows. This yields an impressive success rate of nearly 50%.


In this guide, we’ve outlined a systematic approach to unlock valuable email contacts from LinkedIn, a powerful resource for networking and business growth. Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Chat GPT (optional), and the Matchkraft Toolset, you can streamline your email marketing efforts with ease.

Step 1: Building Your Company List Start by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to filter and identify your target companies based on criteria like industry, location, and company size. Save these accounts for further action.

Step 2: Data Extraction and Refinement Export key data into a CSV file, including company and lead names. Use tools like Chat GPT to fill in missing details, clean the data, and ensure accuracy.

Step 3: Uncovering Company Websites and Email Addresses With Matchkraft’s Company Name to URL tool, find company websites effortlessly. Then, utilize the Email Finder tool to identify email addresses by inputting first names, last names, and company websites in CSV format.

By following this process, you’ll efficiently expand your network, connect with potential leads, and enhance your email marketing strategy, all while achieving impressive results in a streamlined manner. Happy networking and emailing!

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